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Foiral vineyard

This word literally means Marketplace and might well have been the site of the marketplace of the town of Orgeuil. Just before it you will see a path leading to the left marked with red and white. This is the GR636 one of the many marked trails for hikers. This one leads down to Touzac and then on to Bonaguil.

Harvesting takes place at the earliest at the end of September, depending on the weather and the ripeness of the grapes. We are limited by the appelation to 50 hectolitres per hectaire so in years when the crop is abundant we have to cut off the surplus to keep the quality high. Although hand picking is preferable it only works best when there are a lot of pickers available - difficult when the vineyard is a long way from the nearest town. So we have our own harvesting machine to pick the grapes. The harvesting machine straddles the rows of vines, shaking the bushes. The grapes which are ripe drop off and get scooped up into a reservoir at the top. When this is full the reservoir is emptied out into the trailor. Picking by machine also has the advantage of being very fast. (If we are really in a hurry it is possible to pick the entire crop within 3 days with just 2 people) This means that we can get the grapes into the "cuves" within a very short time which is why Chateau Latuc retains all the fruitiness of the grapes themselves.

We hope that you have enjoyed your walk and that you will come again. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

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