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Gradde vineyard

This is the largest of our 5 vineyards some 2.8 hectares (about 7 acres). The vines were planted in 1978. The rules for Appelation Controllée Cahors are very strict to maintain a high standard in the quality of the wine. The village that you can see in the distance is Mauroux and the nearest building used to be a nunnery.

The pruning of the vines starts in January and continues through until Marchand takes about 600 man/hours to complete. The vines are pruned down to one main shoot (the spur) with 9 buds and a smaller one only 2 buds, this one will in turn produce the spur for next year.

Pruning is carried out using electric secateurs ( watch out for your fingers). All the old wood is then removed and crushed to give back organic material to the ground. Then the shoots are tied to the lower wire ready for the new growth in the spring.

At this point the path branches off to the left.
 Amongst the trees is our picnic area. The pile of stones which you see on your right is not the remains of a disused barn but mostly consists of stone taken from the fields during ploughing, it is pretty rocky here.

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