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Chateau Latuc latest news

On the following pages we will try keep you up to date
with news and events as they happen here at the vineyard.
We hope you will enjoy them


 Spring Frost 2012

     We arrived back from Belgium on the Monday evening to hear that there was 'severe frost' warning in the weather forecast...   On Tuesday 17 March this became a reality as the temperature descended below minus 4.5 degrees.

    Waking at 5 am, we decided to act and by doing so wrote a page in the history of Chateau Latuc! We lit candles in the Chardonnay and Merlot vineyards, part of Laborie. By taking this timely action we raised the temperature sufficiently to reduce the loss of damaged vines from 80% to 20%. Just keep your crossed for the next few weeks.

The pictures attached show examples of what we did and the kind of damage that can occur....


 Lot Valley Festival Covent Garden

Sadly, all hope to come back to The Covent Garden Festival has gone, but we look forward to meeting you somewhere in the UK, in 2015. 

We will update this page as soon as we have some information.

Last updated on 28-févr.-16