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Chateau Latuc Wine Partners

  • Yves and Anne-Marie, the happy wine partners of Gradde row 20Do you like good wine?

  • Have you ever dreamed of owning an award winning vineyard in France?

  • Do you entertain a lot?


  • Are you stuck for a present to give to someone who already seems to have everything?

We can help you share this dream with us, and give you the opportunity to become a partner in our vineyard.

As a wine partner in Château Latuc, you will have your own row of vines in one of the vineyards that you have visited during the vineyard trail. This row will be rented to you for a period of two years at least.

Each row has 160 vines and produces an average of about 260 bottles of wine every year. That means, you will have a bottle of your own wine on the table almost every day. You will have the privilege to get this wine at a special cost price which is substantially cheaper than you would normally pay.

If 260 bottles seems too much, you can share your row with friends or family. You can choose to take any combination of our different wines from your row as you like as long as you take at least 120 bottles a year. You can even have your name printed on the label.

You can participate in some of the vineyard activities like help with pruning, or come and hand-pick your row at harvest time. You can be as involved as much or as little as you like. The traditional harvest dinner in September enables everyone to get to know each other. During the winter we organize a wine weekend. So far we have visited Chablis, Touraine, Alsace, Sancerre, Bourgogne and  Champagne. So being a wine partner is fun!

As you can see, our Wine Partners can be evolved or not as they choose. Some want to do everything, others just want a bottle of wine on the table every day. Some are syndicates (we have a parish council in Wales and an entire village in Essex who have four rows), most are individual wine enthusiasts and "bons vivants" Nearly all have actually visited their row and have discovered, in doing so, this most beautiful part of France.

We are releasing a small number of rows for the year 2010 harvest. As it will be rather a long time to wait for the first bottle of wine from your row, we are offering 3 cases of 12 Cahors 2008 at cost for all 2010 Agreements signed before the end of August 2010.  To date we have leased 95% of the available rows to existing clients ( mostly from the UK but also from Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, the USA, and France)... which is a gratifying commendation for the wine !

To join the scheme all you have to do is to fill in the registration form and send it to us with a cheque or credit card payment for €80 and we will send you the agreement to sign together with a certificate for your row.


Click here to get more detailsFill in the registration form and become a Wine Partner