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Chateau Latuc Wine Partners

What you will get

  • The opportunity to lease existing rows of vines on a 2 year term (renewable) and in return you will receive at cost either the entire production of your row or 10 cases or more of wine. (On average over the last ten years, a row of 160 vines will produce 22 cases each year)

  • Personalized labels on your bottles

  • A map will be maintained in the vineyard shop showing the ownership of rows

  • A regular newsletter giving details of progress in the vineyard and including other news from France

  • The possibility to participate in the various activities we organize for our partners

  • All the fun and interest in being involved in the expansion of an award winning vineyard in a beautiful part of France.

Optional extras - you can choose to

  • Age some or all of your wine in oak barrels (subject to availability) or take some as Vin de Pays Rosé, Rouge or White ( Chardonnay & Semillon )

  • Collect your cases here or at depots in or near the channel ports
    and take them home free of UK duty

  • Have your wine delivered directly to any address in the UK in which case it may be subject to UK duty

What it costs

As a Wine Partner at Château Latuc you will lease each row of 160 vines at 350€ (or 80 vines at 180€ for Rowshare) per year including VAT payable on the 1st of January each year. This rental covers the interest charge on the vineyard, equipment and the winery. You will not pay any more for the vintage until just before delivery which will be approximately 8 months after the harvest. (longer for Prestige)

Production costs will become payable just before delivery of the wine. These production costs will be in the region of 2.56€ (£2.02) per bottle including VAT. plus a participation towards the cost of the barrels for the prestige (if applicable). Should you wish for the wine to be delivered to the UK then there will be a delivery charge and UK Duty (if applicable) both subject to UK VAT at 17.5%.

What you save

Based on the average of the last ten years, if you choose to take only 10 cases of wine, your saving will be in the region of 15%. Should you opt to take the full production of your row, then 22 cases of wine will be yours for a saving of about 25%.

How to order your row

All you have to do is to complete the Registration Form and return it to us together with €80 deposit. We will then reserve a row subject to availability, and send you the Wine Partners Agreement. The deposit will be fully refundable until you have signed and returned the Agreement.