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Vignals vineyard


VIGNALS is our most productive vineyard as the soil is very fertile, not only does it grow vines but it grows some good weeds as well. We use the minimum of weed killers in the vines and since we decided to be as natural as possible, we prefer to use ploughing for weed control on alternate rows leaving the natural flora to grow between the vines and make them work harder to produce a smaller quantity of better quality grapes.

We believe that healthy plants not only produce better quality grapes but are more resistant to disease.  The emphasis is more on prevention than cure and as any experienced gardener will tell you there are certain times when it is more effective to do certain things like planting, pruning etc. so we are governed very much by the calendar. 

Continue across the road and you will see to your left the river Lot stretching away towards Fumel and a bit further on the village of Soturac in the distance. Turn right along the road back towards the church. If you turn left along this road it leads down to the river Lot. At the bottom, next to the river, you can just make out, if you look carefully, the remains of the ancient town of Orgueil. (It takes 15 mins to walk down but at least 30 to walk up again) This was English territory during the hundred years war. Orgueil at that time was the same size as Cahors but was raised to the ground when the French recaptured it.

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