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Our Wines

All our wines are produced here at Château Latuc, exclusively from the vines growing in our own vineyard, and are bottled by us here at the Château.

Lots of elements are needed to be put together in order to produce very good wines. All of them are known to most of the wine makers. Some of these elements can be controlled by us, others depend only on nature.  But there is more then just that, there is also love and care. And when you put the right amount of love and care into each vine, each vat and into each bottle, the way we do it, the result can not be other then very good wines.


Côtes du Lot Rosé

Petite Folie de Gaby 2016 : This rosé, from a powerful and crispy vintage, is quite elegant with nice structure.  The body lets forget to some wine enthusiasts that it still has got some residual sugar.   This Malbec 100% will be served cold with some grills, cold buffet or as an accompaniment for spicy food

Côtes du Lot White

Esprit de Latuc Sémillon 2014 : A very small crop as always and a long breading on yeast give again a nice  balance between fruit and minerality.  This lemony, vine peaches, gooseberries nose, with notes of white flowers is rich and complex.  The taste is fresh as a semillon can be, but softened by a few gram of residual sugars (semi-sweet).  Served as an aperitif, on a foie gras, or also an a lemony desert.

Château Latuc

AOC Cahors 2013 : This wine, from a very soft vintage, has a ruby color and a typical flavour of ripe red fruitThe taste is very drinkable, which is quite unusual for such a young wine.  He will already accompany some white meat, but also some typical 'South-West' recepies.  Drink now or keep till 2020. 

AOC Cahors 2014 : A vintage more on the freshness,  with a nice strengh, and a lot of fruit.  This is the result from the reasonable temperatures of the summer 2014.  The taste is showing a nice structure and therefore will accompany very easily some meats (white or red), duck, or some hard cheeses.  It will be nice to wait a few years to have 100% of benefit.  Or decant it now.



Château Latuc Prestige

AOC Cahors 2014 Prestige : The power in a velvety gloves...  The first tast goes on richness, but the fruit is also there.  The nose is now on the early red berries, and the light vanilla flavours, result of an 12 months in oak barrels aged from 1 to 5 wines.  The attack is refreshing, but goes rapidly on rondness.  He will very nicelly accompany lam, red meats, but also some venisons or cheeses.  Can be kept till 2024, if you succeed...


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